stereosonics acoustic cover of kelly jones 'Violet

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acoustic cover 'Violet' kelly jones cover

Stereosonics acoustic cover 'Katie' kelly jones

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from kelly jones album Only the names have been changed

stereosonics studio demo - nothing precious at all

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nothing precious at all cover

Stereosonics Live on HFM radio - Dakota

Dakota Live on HFM Radio

Stereosonics Live on HFM - Indian Summer

Indian summer live HFM

Dakota Live In Cardiff (Stereosonics)

Live in cardiff Dakota

Grafitti On The Train Live In Cardiff

Live @ The Globe Cardiff 2014

Stereosonics - Acoustic recording of Roll The Dice

Front man Shane records Roll The Dice on his phone!!

Stereosonics-local boy in the photograph demo


Local boy in the photograph demo

Catacomb - Live at H2o Festival Milford Haven

Catacomb Live

Traffic - Live at H2o festival Milford haven

Traffic Live

Dakota Live at Glastonferry festival

Fan video - Dakota at Glastonferry

Stereosonics - In A Moment

New Single - In A Moment Studio demo

Stereophonics new single - In A Moment

Stereophonics New Single from new album grafitti on the train In A Moment Single

Stereophonics - Violins And Tambourines taster vid

Stereophonics taster video from new album

Stereosonics Studio Demos Local Boy-Maybe Tomorrow

NDE agents video - Stereosonics Local Boy in the photograph & Maybe Tomorrow studio demos

Stereosonics - Maybe Tomorrow Studio Demo

Maybe Tomorrow - Studio Recording

Stereosonics - You Stole My Money Honey

You Stole My Money Honey

You Stole my money honey - Live acoustic radio recording

Stereosonics - Nothing Precious at all

Nothing Precious At All

Nothing Precious at all studio demo

Stereosonics Handbags & Gladrags- Live Studio

Handbags & Gladrags

Handbags & Gladrags - Live Studio piano version

Stereosonics Have A Nice Day - Studio Demo

Have A Nice Day

Have A Nice Day - Studio Recording

Stereosonics - Have A Nice Day Live @ The Forum

Have A Nice Day Live @ The Forum

Stereosonics - Superman Studio Demo

Superman - Demo

Stereosonics - Handbags And Gladrags Live

Handbags Live @ The Forum

Stereosonics Maybe Tomorrow Live Acoustic

Maybe Tomorrow Live @ The Moses Gate Bolton

Stereosonics Billy Daveys Daughter Live

Billy Daveys Daughter Live @ The Forum

Stereosonics Roll Up And Shine Live @ The Forum

Roll up and shine Live @ The forum

Stereosonics Dakota Live radio recording(Acoustic)

Dakota Live Radio Acoustic

Stereosonics live @ The Forum Just looking

just Looking live


Dakota Full Band

Dakota Full Band